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Silent Composition is an event that will feature silent films with original compositions by emerging film composers. These compositions will be performed live by Hapax Orchestra, providing the audience with an immersive experience. 


These new silent film soundtracks will be performed by Hapax Orchestra, bringing them to life on Friday 16th February 2024, 18:30 at Genesis Cinema. 

We are crowdfunding for this event in order to pay the orchestra and composers for their work. We kindly ask you to support and donate as much as you can.

Our goal is to reach £2,000 which will all be put towards the artists and the orchestra. Your generosity will allow our talented musicians to learn, practise and perform to the best of their abilities which will be a delight for you all to see. 

We appreciate anything you can give to donate and help support this project. All money raised will help support the orchestra and composers, and will give future Silent Composition events a head start for even more opportunities. 

We are thankful for your time and support and forever grateful for any donations big or small. If you are unable to donate, you can still support this project by sharing it with friends and family.

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Your help funds the arts and keeps the magic of music and cinema alive and kicking! 



Please note that this event is for those aged 18 and above.

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